Company Profile

Personalabs has been in business since 2006 helping people to get the lab tests that they need. They have partnered with Quest Diagnostic, which is one of the nations best known lab providers. Quest has over 2300 locations around the country where the tests will be performed. Partnering with Quest Diagnostics has helped to allow Personalabs to give their customers access to more than 400 separate tests, which is quite impressive. The tests include STD/STI testing, general health and well-being tests, tests for specific diseases (including cancers), and more.

How it Works

The first thing to do when you want to have a test done through this company is decide which test or tests you require. Since they have more than 400 available, this isn’t always as easy as one might think. Of course, many people first visit this type of site with one specific test they need, but it often makes sense to have additional lab work completed at the same time. In many cases, you can even save money by purchasing bundles of tests together. Since this company offers so many different testing options, they have broken them down into multiple categories in order to make searching easier. Some of the categories include:

  • STD Testing
  • Weigh Loss & Fitness Testing
  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Hormone Tests
  • Pregnancy & Fertility Testing
  • Cancer Screening
  • General Health & Wellness

Of course, you can also browse through their test page to look at each individual item. Once you have added all the tests you want to your cart and pay for them, you will receive a doctor’s order. This is a digital document that you can fill out on your computer and print it out or print it and fill it out with a pen. When this has been completed it is time to visit a lab near you. Personalabs has a convenient search feature on their site that will locate the nearest lab to your location and provide you with their address and hours.

When you arrive at the lab you hand your paperwork to the person. While you will receive information on how to take these tests from the website, the staff at the lab will also be more than happy to answer questions and help with whatever is needed. Once you have submitted the required specimens (typically blood and/or urine), you can go home. The lab will complete their testing and upload the results to the Personalabs website where only you can access it.

If you have any questions or concerns based on the results of your tests, you can contact Personalabs to discuss them. For an actual consultation with a doctor, you will need to purchase their ‘telemedicine’ service, which allows you to contact them via phone, tablet, or computer. With this option you can get direct medical advice and other assistance.

What’s Inside the Kit

Personalabs doesn’t send a kit like many of the other testing providers does because you aren’t actually taking the tests at home. The only thing you will receive from this company is the doctor’s order, which you will bring into the lab. Of course, you will also receive additional information and instructions through their website to help ensure all your questions are answered.

About the Service

The team at Personalabs has done a great job at making it extremely easy (and private) to get virtually any type of lab testing you need completed. They will be there to help you determine which tests you require, to answer questions about the tests themselves, and to provide consultation after you get your results. Some specific highlights about their service includes:

  • Choosing a Test Consultation – With more than 400 tests available it is often difficult to know which exact ones you should take. Personalabs has a tool on their site that can help you find the right ones based on your symptoms or goals.
  • Where to Take the Test – Personalabs has partnered with Quest Diagnostics to perform their tests. There are over 2300 locations throughout the country.
  • When Will Results be Ready – The results of your tests will be available online in as little as 24 hours. Some tests will take up to 10 days (depending on the day of the week and time of the day you take the test) but they are always very quick.
  • Services After You Get the Results – Once you get the results you can get an extensive consultation with a doctor (for an extra fee) or just get answers to questions from their staff for free. Depending on the results of your tests you may also be able to get a prescription for medication!


This company offers a lot of tests, and in many cases, they are priced lower than any other company we have seen. The prices will vary significantly depending on which tests you require. The least expensive individual tests, such as a hemoglobin A1c test, are just $39, and some of the more expensive ones can be several hundred dollars.

The testing bundles are a great way to save a lot of money while leaning a lot about your health in specific areas. For example, their comprehensive STD blood test is just $251 and covers hepatitis B, syphilis, HIV, hepatitis C, herpes simplex, chlamydia, and gonorrhea. This is a significant discount compared to taking them all individually. If you are someone who likes to keep a close eye on your health, you can also monitor their site for special deals that they change regularly. For example, at the time this review was written they had their ‘Wellness Checkup’ priced at $119, down from $199 normally. They also had a special deal for ‘national nutrition month’ where you could get 30% off any allergy, nutrition, or vitamin test.

Customer Support

The customer support from this company is excellent from beginning to end. They are there for you to answer questions about their website, their checkout and billing practices, and of course, the testing you receive. They have live chat 24/7, but their phone support is only open Monday-Friday, 8AM-8PM EST. There are three important ‘categories’ of customer support provided by Personalabs:

  • Medical Help – If you have questions about which tests you need, the results of your tests, or anything related to your health, you can speak with their team of professionals. For doctor consultations and related items, however, there may be an additional fee.
  • Website Help – For assistance with using their website, making the purchase, incorrect billing, or anything related to the business side of things, their support team is friendly and responsive.
  • Lab Testing Help – The customer service you get at the actual lab will be from the Quest Diagnostics team. They are well-known for being extremely professional and helpful.

Privacy & Security

Your privacy is taken very seriously at Personalabs. They not only follow all required HIPPA and related laws and regulations related to privacy, but they also understand the importance of privacy on a personal level. They will never reveal the results of your tests (or even the fact that you took the tests) to insurance providers, employers, spouses, or anyone else. Your tests will be available online through your private account that is secured using strong encryption standards.


Personalabs has an excellent reputation for facilitating quality lab testing and results. They do not actually perform the lab tests themselves, but rather work with Quest Diagnostics. Quest is one of the best-known names in laboratory testing, so you can be confident that you are getting accurate results. The prices and services with Personalabs are very affordable, and they make it easy and safe to manage every aspect of your health on your own terms. Whether you need a one-time test completed, or you want to begin having tests performed on a regular basis, this service is a trusted option to consider.