Company Profile

Let’s Get Checked is one of the best-known names is at-home health testing and monitoring. While they are perhaps best known for their STD tests, they can also perform a wide range of other health checks. This is all designed to help you learn more about your body, your health, and what you can do to improve them both. This company has lots of experience with nearly 400,000 tests performed, 13,000+ infections detected, and 17,500+ abnormalities discovered for their customers. Let’s Get Checked also employs experienced doctors and nurses to help ensure you get the care you need.

How it Works

When getting started with this testing company you will need to choose what type of tests you need performed and order it from their convenient website. They ship the tests out with next day delivery so you can get started right away. The steps to take the test will depend on what you are being tested for and may include urine collection, stool collection, and/or blood collection. They provide detailed instructions on how and when to properly collect these samples and where to send them when done.

What’s Inside the Kit

Each kit will include everything you need to collect the required samples, secure them, and ship them back to the lap safely. The specific items will depend on the type of test you are taking. The following are examples of items that may be included depending on which tests you are taking:

About the Service

Let’s Get Checked offers a comprehensive STD testing service. This includes everything you need before, during, and after you take the test and get your results. Some key points about this service include:

  • Where is Test Taken – You can take the tests from the comfort of your own home.
  • Is a Referral Needed – No, you can purchase this test anytime with no prescription necessary.
  • Is Medical Advice Available – Yes. Doctors will review all the results. They also have nurses available for questions or to discuss the results.
  • How Long Does It Take to Get Results – You will receive your results in 2-5 days.
  • Services After the Test – If needed you can schedule a consultation with a nurse after your test. They can also write you a prescription if necessary.


The price of your test will vary quite a bit depending on which test or tests you are having done. The Complete 10 pack, for example, currently costs $269. This package deal includes tests for 10 separate STDs. There is also a testing kit for 5 of the most common STDs, which can be purchased for $149. These package deals are an excellent way to save money. To compare prices with a single test, you can purchase just the cortisol test for $99.

Customer Support

The customer support team is extremely helpful and easy to work with. Their support teams are broken up into two different departments, which are:

Privacy & Security

Let’s Get Checked takes great care to ensure your privacy and security are protected. In fact, throughout the whole process everything is kept entirely anonymous so nobody will know that you even took the test. This is done using activation codes and links that are provided with each kit. If you do need some type of prescription based on the results of your tests, your identity and other information would be protected by doctor patient confidentiality.


This is definitely one of the best testing providers available today. They have earned an exceptional reputation for providing fast and accurate results on a wide range of different issues. Whether you are worried that you have an STD, or you are just looking to improve your overall health, this provider can help.